Sunday, 2 April 2017

Andi Waxed and polished

Put into the tightest fitting and softest suit his Aunty could find. Andi was strapped up to a wriggle free set of stocks. As one by one 3 of his Aunts maids entered all carrying large cans of oil. Andi's eyes widened as they set them down and all moved around him. Ok girls said his Aunt, I want Andi thoroughly Waxed and polished in his new catsuit. Now Andi its going to take the girls several hours to use up all that oil and I want it all gone. Now girls work it into every area I want to see my face shine in his sexy bottom when I come back, Oh and Andi, Ill be inspecting your catsuit for any sticky little messes when I return, so control yourself or you'll be back in the sweat suit with Janet for the night.

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