Monday, 10 April 2017

Andy at the Mall again part two

Oh dear poor poor Andy ,he really is having some bad luck today isn't he. Such a silly and careless boy to not pay attention to the sign behind him. Too Late Andy the newly formed ladies own group the FBLA club just happen to be in the mall on a lingerie shopping trip and cant believe there luck.
Oh dear not only has Andy lost a load of flyers, he is also about to lose a few other things as well. His Aunt and her friend are going to be furious. His going to be lucky to make it out of the changing rooms with anything on at all by the time all of these ladies have finished with him. What is he going to wear to walk home in I wonder. Any ideas anyone??


  1. Now I do hope they don't split those latex leggings. I split a pair of mine once, most distressing and expensive. Still it looks add if they will have a replacement outfit to hand. Just so long as they have enough talc our dressing lube. (I like lube)
    . wonderful art and sorry jaye.

    1. Hi Andy. Oh dear it looks like things are about to get much worse. I think your going to be lucky to ever see any of those items of clothing again. But I'm certain that Aunt Janes friend has a "little" something to squeeze you into. ;)
      Glad you like it, part 3 on its way now.