Thursday, 13 April 2017

Andy in the Mall part 3

Poor Andy, just how much worse could his day get. After several hours in the "hands" of the latex fem boy crazed ladies he finally slipped out of their clutches wrapped in nothing but a pink fluffy towel. Running as fast as he could back to his Aunt's friends, to laughter, cat calls and whistles all around him Andy was lucky to make it back in one piece. His Aunts friend was furious when she saw what Andy had done and was not buying his story about some Fem boy Latex admirers club. Closing the store for an hour, she decided that she and Andy needed some alone time together, so she could teach him the error of his ways and just how he would be put in his rightful place to "make it up to her"
Some time later a drained and exhausted Andy found himself re-feminised and squeezed into a tiny little latex outfit, with the briefest little tie side latex panties he had ever seen. But worse was to come when his Aunt Jane phoned and was told how Andy's work placement had been a total disaster. Andy begged and pleased as he was thrown out of the door and heard it lock behind him.....

1 comment:

  1. Heavens above, that mal looks like a dangerous pledge for any unsuspecting young man, sissy boy out not.
    Super at, great imagination