Wednesday, 5 April 2017

Andy Fully Feminised once and for all?

When Andy's Aunt Jane decided that Andy was not keeping up with feminine beauty regime, she decided that it was time that she took matters into her own hands. Poor Andy was sealed into a tight latex Femsuit and gagged, then strapped into a diabolical looking machine that his Aunt assured him ,would ensure that he always remained as feminine and girly as possible with minimum effort. 
As the Machine got to work on Andy, the suit excreted soft warm estrogen oils into every area of his body, Andy could feel the last reschedules of any maleness that he possessed dissipating from him. At the same time, his body was seductively caressed stroked and sucked dry of any male juices time and time again. Leaving him to the feminisation machines tender mercies Aunt Jane informed him she was going out shopping for the day and would return later that evening. She also added that she was certain that this was going to be the first of many 8 hour sessions that he would have to endure until she was happy that he was totally feminine.  Poor could only sigh silently as the machine had its way endlessly with him, but worse was to come. 
 As the door creaked open Janet the mischievous maid entered, oh no Aunt Jane had forgotten to lock the door. Oh no thought Andy, if only he had not informed Aunt Jane that it was Janet who had seduced him last week. Janet had sworn to Andy that revenge would be merciless when it came. It was beginning to look to Andy like it had arrived.  

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  1. Perhaps, just when it seems Andy has no more seed to contribute, Janet will find an added stimulation device that is nestled between his smooth buttocks. It's not supposed to be used until at least his third session in the Femsuit but Janet has never been one to follow rules. And she won't turn it on for more than an hour. Or two. Or...