Monday, 3 April 2017

All wrapped up for the night.

Poor Andi. It looks like his good intentions of volunteering to help out at his Aunt's plastic sale would be taken advantage of. Especially when he realizes that not only his his suit is the only thing for sale, but who ever bids the highest will also get the contents. Luckily his Aunt is on hand to help
calm him down with endless strokes and caresses, especially between his thighs where he appears to be at his most agitated. She would have to help him deal with that before the others arrived


  1. Andi will be quite frazzled after all 20 guests have 'inspected the merchandise'. I sure hope this long evening doesn't have any permanent effect on his delicate mind.

  2. Love your work, But how does Andy get his big tits! Are they permanent or false?