Saturday, 27 May 2017

Andy's New Girlfriend

After a hard day at the office in his new role a very sexy secretary Andy was hoping for a rest on Friday night. But no sooner is he home then he is tucked into some very skimpy underwear and very short dress and told his date will soon be here. Andy is terrified when he is confronted with Amazonian Alexa, who drags him off out for the night. His even more terrified when she hauls him back to her flat and is joined by her twin sister Lena. Picking Andy up off his feet, in no time he is bereft of his dress and shoes as the horny twins are all over him. Poor Andy wriggles and struggles but as his molestation continues and he is peeled out of his panties he know his fate is sealed and his in for a night of double trouble and exhausting sexual activity. 


  1. Love your work, keep the stories going!

  2. Why thank you Felicity, its always nice to get some feedback and it motivates me to produce more. Glad you like it.

  3. One thing I'm confused about, ~ how does Andy get his big tits! Are they permanent or false?