Tuesday, 18 April 2017

Happy Easter, Andy at the Mall again

Oh dear, things are not going well for poor Andy. His Aunts new venture (Edible Chocolate lingerie) needs lots of publicity to launch it and Easter is going to be the ideal time. I wonder how much publicity they will get, as his Aunts have asked the local press if they are interested in covering the event. A sweet young girl answered and said she would be a log with her co-worker to cover it.


  1. Oh no, how can that thin layer of chocolate stay for 4 hours and bound like that there will be no way Andy can cover his embarrassment.
    Wonderful stuff Jsye

    1. Hi Andy, glad your enjoying it. But oh Dear, it looks like those very determined ladies are going to soon lick him clean and what if they want Andy for Dessert. More to follow, this weekend maybe xxxx